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Hello there!

I'm Amy, the blogger behind Amiable Potential. I am a ballet major at the University of Utah. I love singing, dancing, creating, reading, writing, family, books, Pilates, ballet, fruit, the color blue, mysteries, Jane Austen, Harry Potter, and a good green smoothie.

I started this blog after a year long episode of clinical depression that forced me to reevaluate myself and my life. Prior to this episode, I remember being passionate about so many things that it was almost impossible for me to make up my mind about what I want to do with my life. But memories cannot sustain me. 

So, welcome to my passion discovery. I started this blog as a clean slate for me to not only remember my previous passions, but to create new ones and uncover the potential that lies within me. 
Feel free to join me on this journey. New friends are always welcome :)  

I write about mental health, but I am not a certified professional in any of these areas. I encourage you to seek professional help when applicable. Here is a link to help you get started.


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