7 Tips for Wearing Skirts in Winter

by - February 23, 2018

At first glance, skirts and winter don't really go together. But, never fear, just because the weather has dropped below freezing and the ground is covered in sparkling white powder, doesn't mean you have to put your skirts into hibernation.

A long sleeved shirt or sweater on top is a must. I got mine at LOFT.

Add a pair of fleece-lined tights, then add some wool socks on top. 

When it comes to shoes, boots are best for the snow. Be sure to get some waterproof ones though, or use waterproofing spray. I got mine at Amazon, you can find waterproofing spray here.

Make sure the height of your boots complements the length of the skirt (shorter skirt, higher boots; longer skirt, shorter boots). My skirt is from Modcloth.

On top you've got options: add a cardigan/sweater/light coat if you know you won't be spending much time outside, or add a thick winter coat if you know you'll be stuck outside for a while.

Optional: winter hat with ear flaps

 How do you bundle up for the winter?

Stay amiable!

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