Terrific Terriers

by - January 26, 2018

I’ve never been a fan of animal prints. I don’t know why, but they always seemed too flashy for me. Not that I mind them on other people, I just don’t personally care to wear them.

That being said, I am in love with printed animal patterns, not the skin, the whole animal. 

Exhibit A: 

This terrific terrier print is brought to you by J. Crew. A store that I had not shopped at previously, but instantaneously fell in love with the moment I saw this shirt. 

Have I mentioned how much I like love it? 

Also, I’m now addicted to J. Crew and have banned myself from looking at its website for a few months for the sake of my wallet and my sanity. You will likely be treated to a number of items from my newest obsession over the next several outfit posts. 

See how blissfully contented a great shirt can make you feel? (Not to mention the abnormally beautiful mid-winter weather we’re having in Utah.)

Sartorial success always requires a foot pop. 

As well as some staring off into the distance...

Apparently, it can also inspire some rather pensive poses. 

But then, it makes me happy again, and I can’t help but smile like fool. (Or it’s possible that my roommate was making me laugh. Whichever story you prefer.) 

What go to outfit makes you so happy it causes a spontaneous foot pop? 

Stay amiable!


Jeans and Earrings: American Eagle, Shirt: J. Crew, Shoes: Nordstrom Rack, Necklace: Hmm…can’t seem to remember...

P.S. Check out my instagram today for a close up of my boots as well as some bloopers! 

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