Amiable Links Roundup (1/21-27/18)

by - January 27, 2018

Happy Saturday everyone! I've put together a list of links to things I have been enjoying this week. You might find them interesting/funny/thought provoking/tasty/etc. Or not.

Drinking: This delicious smoothie I'm always on the lookout for a good green smoothie recipe, and this one really hits the spot. The cherries and bananas make it sweet, while the turmeric and cinnamon give it a little kick.

Snacking on: Mint Chip Brownie Larabars Never tried this specific flavor before. Never going back. Larabars are tasty and convenient to keep around for long dancing days and teaching hours (and any other time I need to bring something to keep me from getting hangry). Plus, they are gluten free, vegan, fair trade, and never have more than nine ingredients. (I prefer not having to take off my shoes to count the ingredients in my snack foods, so that's a big relief!) I happened on the mint chip brownie flavor on a random stop at a Walmart, but couldn't find them at my usual grocery store, so I just got them off Amazon.

Reading: Wear No Evil I'll be writing a review of the book soon, so keep an eye out!

Watching: Stranger Things Yes, I'm still on season 1. Don't judge me.

Wishing for: These makeup brushes or these ones You already know that I'm a huge HPG (Harry Potter Geek), so I don't think there's any need for me to pretend not to be.

Laughing at: These signs I am too introverted to attend a march myself, but I'm proud of those who did on Saturday. "I love naps, but I stay woke" is the best!

Awww-ing over: This video I am 0% ashamed to admit that I sometimes look at pictures and videos of cute animals to cheer myself up.

Marveling at: This video Can high heels ever really be comfortable and not murder your feet? If so, sign me up. I live in boots for at least six months of the year, partially because that's how long winter lasts in Utah, and partially because: comfort.

Inspired by: Judge Aquilina and Aly Raisman I have no words, but these women, and all the other women who testified, had plenty to say. These are real heroes. 

Listening to: "Naked" by James Arthur On repeat. All day.

Stay amiable!


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