Ballet + Scrabble

by - August 19, 2017

In case you hadn't noticed, I love ballet. You can't devote 14+ years of your life to it without loving it.

While I was scrolling through Pinterest, I saw some cute wall art someone had made with scrabble tiles, and my mind went straight to (you guessed it) ballet. Ballet terms are primarily in French, so I know a lot of French words, but I definitely do not speak French. Since I used English scrabble tiles, they lack the accents that would make it truly accurate, but I like the idea of working with what I have.

3 sets of 100 scrabble tiles
glue/tape (I used some old double sided scrapbook tape I found in my drawer)
fabric (I used an old shirt I was going to donate)
frame (I found mine at Joanne's)
glue gun or any kind of glue/adhesive

Gather your materials. (My glue gun is emitting green from a crayon project that I'll share later!)

Use the back board from the frame to measure your fabric. 

Cut the fabric with enough to glue down the edges on the back side of the board.

Glue down the sides. Be sure to pull the fabric tight. You want the front side to be smooth for the scrabble tiles.

Don't worry if it's messy. No one is going to see this side.

Put the back board into the frame without the glass.

Adhere the tiles to the fabric. 

Be patient. If you're trying to fit a lot of tiles on (like me), it might take a couple tries to get everything to fit evenly.

If you don't have very many tiles you want to use, or you feel perfectly confident in your scrabble tiling abilities, then go ahead and use glue.

I made several mistakes, so I was very glad that I used these little pre-cut scrapbook strips.

Lastly, find somewhere to hang up your masterpiece!

I have yet to figure out where I will put mine. I have a number of ballet wall art pieces, and I keep adding more, so I can never decide how I want to arrange them. I'll let you know when I figure it out!

Happy Crafting!


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