Clean Slate

by - February 27, 2017

There are many reasons to start a blog. Some people just think that they can make lots of money, but most people are looking to share their passions. Whether those passions be video games, a healthy lifestyle, fashion, or politics, people are taking to a (relatively) new platform to share ideas and experiences with people around the world at the click of a button.

So, what am I passionate about?

Well, that's a difficult question for me to answer right now. You see, I have clinical depression. I have dealt with depression for a number of years and thought that I could just "handle" it with some excellent planning and positive thinking. As if I could will my depression into submission.

However, the chemistry in my brain had other ideas. In January 2016, for whatever reason, my depression became worse than anything I had ever experienced. I spent the majority of 2016 in a fog, unsure of what was happening, vacillating between wanting the pain to go away and not caring enough to do anything about it. I lost all interest in things that I used to love. People. Dancing. Singing. Reading. Running. Living.

After much help from friends and family, I was able to see the proper medical professionals who provided me with something that I had not experienced in months: hope. Hope that I could truly live again.

So, what am I passionate about?

Well, I remember being passionate about so many things that it was almost impossible for me to make up my mind about what I want to do with my life. But memories cannot sustain me. 

So, welcome to my passion discovery. I started this blog as a clean slate for me to not only remember my previous passions, but to create new ones and uncover the potential that lies within me. 

Feel free to join me on this journey. New friends are always welcome :) 

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